Why Frameless Glass Shower Screens Are More Beneficial Than Shower Curtains

Whether you have a tub or a standalone shower, you need to have a barrier that will keep the water from splashing all over your bathroom. Homeowners will usually gravitate toward shower curtains, as they are an easy and economical solution to this problem. However, what some people do not bear in mind is that shower curtains are not a long-term option, and you would have to replace them on a regular basis. Read More 

4 Reasons to Choose a Reflective Glass Splashback Instead of Using Tiles

Adding kitchen splashbacks is something you need to do to ensure that the walls are protected, but you can also use the addition of a splashback to your advantage by picking one that will enhance your kitchen's styling and provide further design benefits. There are plenty of materials on offer, with many people simply going for tiles. However, reflective glass splashbacks can be far more beneficial, and here are just four reasons why. Read More 

Sleeping Through Your Social Life? Here’s How to Shift Your Sleep Schedule

In a world where most people struggle to wake up in the morning and get to sleep at night, being someone who wakes before their alarm and falls asleep early in the evening can be very isolating. In fact, an early sleep pattern can be so disruptive to normal life that medicine has even labeled it as a sleep disorder: Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder or ASPD. When is Waking Early a Problem? Read More 

3 Types of Outdoor Window Treatments

When you are decorating outdoor spaces like sunrooms and patios, you might be in need of exterior window treatments. While often similar to the ones you use inside your home, you need to be careful about the materials you choose, making sure they can handle different types of weather conditions. Here are some good types of window treatments for the outdoors. Blinds The first option for exterior window treatments is choosing a nice set of blinds. Read More 

Top Tips for Keeping Your Window Treatements Clean

Keeping your home clean and free of irritants is of the utmost importance, particularly if you or your family members suffer from respiratory illnesses and allergies. Check out these helpful tips for how you can promote wellbeing in your home by keeping your window treatments clean. Beat Away the Dust Bunnies When cleaning your home, window treatments can be easily overlooked in the regular cleaning regime. Your curtains and blinds can attract and trap significant amounts of dirt, dust, animal hair, pollen and dust mites. Read More