Aluminium Plantation Shutters for You New Home: What Makes Them a Big Deal?

You should certainly think about making your interior space beautiful, energy-efficient and worth the time spent in it. Achieving this milestone requires careful combinations of the items you have in your space and the fittings you install to complement them. Plantation shutters are your best shot when you want to balance energy efficiency, elegance and functionality. You can install them over your windows and vents to meet your interior design and air conditioning needs. What makes aluminium plantation shutters stand out from the crowd? Here are a few things to know:

Aluminium Shutters are Reflective

The shiny attribute of aluminium might not count for much other than aesthetic appeal. However, deep within this ability to reflect lies the answer you need for one of the primary functions of a plantation shutter. The shiny surface is effective at deflecting the sun's heat away from your interior, keeping it cool during hot summers. At the same time, the shutters will confine the heat in the room when you lock them. This helps when it is cold outside, and you need to keep the interior space a little warm.

Aluminium Shutters Are Lightweight

Aluminium is lighter than wood and other metals such as steel. Lesser density plays to your advantage in two ways. First, it makes the plantation shutters easy to operate and manoeuvre. Everyone in the household can pull them up and down with ease, including children. Secondly, lesser weight means that you can operate the shutters automatically with minimal power needs. A heavier setup demands a higher amount of electric current for automated operation.

Aluminium Shutters Are Non-Corrosive 

Aluminium is one of the best metals when it comes to resisting corrosion. Aluminium does this by forming a thin layer of oxides on its surface. The protective layer keeps moisture and air at bay, preventing rust formation. Additionally, the beauty of this protective layer is that it recreates itself in case of any damage. The excellent resistance to corrosion makes your aluminium plantation shutters last many years with little need for maintenance.

Aluminium Shutters Are Versatile

When the shiny, grey look doesn't seem to work for you, count on aluminium's versatility to deliver the unique look you desire. The shutters allow powder coating to different colour shades that will live up to your ambience. Note that the powder coating will not compromise the ability of the aluminium to withstand corrosion. If anything, the coating is the additional protection you need to make your shutters stand the test of time.

For more information about aluminium plantation shutters, reach out to a professional.