Why Add Stainless Steel Grab Rails to Your Frameless Shower Enclosure?

When looking to install a frameless shower screen in your bathroom, you also need to think about the hardware you'll need to cater to its installation. There is a large variety of shower enclosure hardware items and accessories available in the market for you to choose from. These include handles and knobs, hinges, head bars, clamps, brackets, supporting bars, water seals and rails. 

If you are thinking of including grab rails in your bath to provide support and balance when you're taking a shower, you may be overwhelmed by the large selection of options available out there.

Here's why you should consider using stainless steel grab rails in your shower enclosure. 

Stainless steel grab rails are sturdy

As bathroom grab rails are intended to provide people with support and balance when they are using the bath, they should be strong and stable enough to withstand the extremes of daily use. When properly installed, a stainless steel shower rail can support the full weight of a person while still maintaining its stability. This is vital to ensuring safe use of the railing. 

Stainless steel grab rails are durable

Stainless steel is well known for its superior strength, but it is also an extremely durable material. In fact, no other type of material can hold a candle to stainless steel when comparing life cycle costs. Stainless steel grab rails may cost more upfront, but they are cheaper to use in the long run. 

Stainless steel grab rails require minimal upkeep

Thanks to the excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, bath grab rails made using this material don't catch stains easily. The rails are also easy to clean – they only need to be regularly cleaned using soapy water and a clean, lint-free rag to maintain their lustre. This eliminates the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals that may damage your railing.

Stainless steel grab rails look modern and stylish

If you're looking to give your shower enclosure a modern and chic look, stainless steel grab rails are a great addition. Thanks to its lustre and classic beauty, stainless steel blends nicely with the plain look of frameless shower screens.

If you're convinced that your shower grab rails should be made of stainless steel, you should contact a trusted company that offers stainless steel grab rails and request for a quote. You can also talk to the professionals working at the company if you have specific concerns you need addressed before making a purchase decision.