Why Frameless Glass Shower Screens Are More Beneficial Than Shower Curtains

Whether you have a tub or a standalone shower, you need to have a barrier that will keep the water from splashing all over your bathroom. Homeowners will usually gravitate toward shower curtains, as they are an easy and economical solution to this problem. However, what some people do not bear in mind is that shower curtains are not a long-term option, and you would have to replace them on a regular basis. Instead, you should consider investing in a frameless glass shower screen. The following are a few of the reasons why shower screens are more beneficial than shower curtains.

Shower screens provide better protection against splashing

One of the main reasons why frameless glass shower screen would be more advantageous to your bathroom is that they are better kept at keeping water off your floor. Shower curtains may limit the amount of water that splashes around your bathroom, but in reality, they will not completely prevent this problem. Shower screens, on the other hand, fit snugly on your shower enclosure. As long as the shower screen is closed, you can be assured that you would not have to contend with a wet and slippery bathroom floor.

Shower screens provide better aesthetics

Another reason to consider frameless glass shower screens is they boost the visual appeal of your bathroom. With shower curtains, you only have the option to select colours and patterns that would appeal to you. Shower screens, on the other hand, do not only have a range of colours, but you can also select from a myriad of designs, textures, transparency and more. For instance, if you would like to boost the privacy of your shower enclosure, you can installed frosted glass shower screens with a textured waterfall effect on the glass. On the other hand, if you would like to enhance illumination and display your bath products, you can choose clear glass shower screens.

Shower screens provide increased property value

Modern homeowners tend to consider bathroom as their personal havens for rest, rather than simply having a functional space. As such, potential homeowners will gravitate toward houses with beautiful bathrooms. The sleek appearance of the frameless glass shower screens adds a contemporary touch to your bathroom. Moreover, since the glass shower screens do not obstruct views in your bathroom, the space appears large and airy. Glass shower screens are particularly ideal for smaller bathrooms as they will not cast any shadows that would make the space appear more cramped than it is.