3 Types of Outdoor Window Treatments

When you are decorating outdoor spaces like sunrooms and patios, you might be in need of exterior window treatments. While often similar to the ones you use inside your home, you need to be careful about the materials you choose, making sure they can handle different types of weather conditions. Here are some good types of window treatments for the outdoors.


The first option for exterior window treatments is choosing a nice set of blinds. These are great when you are on a limited budget and simply want to cover the outside windows. Make sure you don't choose blinds made of materials that will rot or warp due to moisture, rain, or heat, such as hardwood or bamboo. If you like the look of wood for your sunroom, go with faux wood blinds. Better options include aluminum and vinyl, since they are inexpensive and can handle the elements and various weather conditions. Blinds can be custom-made to fit any type of window or outdoor space that needs window treatments, making them an excellent option.


Window shutters can add a little more style to the outdoor space, while also providing easy function. Shutters are often made from solid materials with a frame that is lined with rails and stiles. These go horizontal and vertical along the inside of the shutter's frame, making it easy to open and close them as needed. As with the blinds, you don't want to go with wood, even though many shutters are made from this material. However, it is easy to find them in vinyl, aluminum, and composite materials. Composite is often chosen for outdoor shutters since it is durable, can handle cold and hot conditions, and lasts a long time.


When the exterior window treatments aren't necessarily being used on windows or sliding glass doors, but instead larger spaces like the walls around a gazebo or other garden structure, shades are often chosen. These can be made a lot larger than blinds and shutters, where they work for closing off a patio when you want to be outdoors but the weather is bad, or to create a more intimate space in your garden gazebo. You will find them in a lot of different colours and styles, not to mention solar shades that help protect furniture on your patio from the intense heat. Shades can be left rolled up on days when you want the patio open, then pull them down when it is cold, rainy, or especially hot.

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