Why Choose Shutters Over Other Window Treatments?

Homeowners are literally spoilt for choice when looking to accessorise residential windows and improve their functionality. There are three main types of window treatments that a homeowner can choose from when looking to increase the functionality of windows. The three options are window blinds, shutters, and curtains.

The different window treatment options are beneficial in different ways as a result of design-related differences and differences in their modes of operation. This article discusses various reasons why shutters are the best window treatment option.

Shutters Vs Curtains

Curtains are the most affordable window treatments. For this reason, they are quite popular with a large number of homeowners. The initial cost of curtain installation is significantly less than that of shutter installation. Similarly, the advantages of curtains as window treatments are significantly fewer than the advantages associated with the use of shutters.

For one, curtains will allow for effective light control at the expense of privacy. An open curtain will allow sufficient light into the interior of the house, but will also provide outsiders with a great view of what's going on inside the house.  A closed curtain will provide greater privacy, but will block out all the light.

In sharp contrast, window shutters have tilt-bars that allow for easy adjustment of the louvres. As such, homeowners can choose to have an open and clear view, or they can choose total privacy without blocking the free flow of air into the house.

Shutters Vs Blinds

Window blinds are also relatively common on residential windows. They offer a homeowner better light and privacy control than their curtain counterparts.

Blinds have the advantage of being more affordable than shutters. However, shutters have a greater degree of versatility in terms of the applications for which they can be used. For example, shutters can be used for burglar protection when installed on the outer side of a residential window. Shutters will therefore improve residential security as well as the aesthetic appeal of residential windows.

Noise control is another advantage associated with the use of shutters over blinds on residential windows. Double-glazed wooden shutters are particularly preferred for their noise-control ability. The wood and the double-glazing material used to make shutters allow for maximum absorption of noise from the outside, thus allowing for a more tranquil environment inside the house.

From the above discussion, it is clear that shutters are a more expensive window treatment option than both curtains and blinds. However, the extra cost is justified by the significant benefits that homeowners stand to enjoy, should they choose shutters over other window treatment options.