Why is Cork Flooring One of the Biggest Home Improvement Trends of 2015?

Anyone who's been investigating the hottest new trends in home styling is sure to have become aware of the increasing popularity of cork flooring. It might sound like a slightly odd choice, but cork's eco-friendly qualities have served to make it quite trendy, and it doesn't hurt that it makes a very comfortable and practical flooring choice.

Here are just a few of the reasons why it's so in vogue.

Incredibly Durable

Cork flooring is resistant to cracking and impermeable to gases and liquids, so it will maintain an attractive appearance for years. It's also extremely pliable, so any marks made my heavy furniture will fade fairly quickly. If you don't like the way a room is laid out, just move everything around without having to worry about sunken marks.

You also won't need to concern yourself as much about bumps and scrapes. Unlike wood, tile, and vinyl, the colour is the same all the way through, meaning it won't look worn if a small bit is accidentally chipped away.

A Safe and Sanitary Choice

Since liquid can't penetrate cork, it's remarkably resistant to mould – and even to termites. You won't have to worry about either damaging the structural integrity of your home. In fact, cork is anti-microbial; it either kills off microorganisms or impairs their growth.

It also proves safe under more immediately threatening situations. Cork only ever ignites if subjected to extremely high temperatures. Even when it does, only a small amount of smoke will be released, and that smoke will contain very few toxic elements.

Comfortable and Cool

Fire-resistance and durability are great, but most homeowners will ultimately care more about how their flooring looks and feels. Luckily, cork excels here too. The appearance is reminiscent of timber, and yet cork is a highly sustainable material which is made from the stripped bark of oak trees, a far more eco-friendly choice than chopping those trees down.

It also feels great to walk on. Made of numerous air-filled chambers, it acts as a natural barrier against heat loss, and provides pleasant cushioning after a long day at work. It also boasts soundproofing qualities, so it's a good choice for apartment buildings in which you're living above someone else.  

Cork flooring offers numerous benefits to anyone who is thinking of restyling their home, so it's no surprise to see it publicised as the next big thing in home design. Laying some down means that your home will be thoroughly on-trend, and extremely comfortable into the bargain.