Hottest Style Trends for Blinds

Blinds continue to heat up the home decor trends and it's easy to see why with the amount of custom blind finishes that are available to home owners. A simple addition of blinds to a single room in your home and drastically changes the look and feel, from sophistication to modern sleek to complete relaxation. Here are a few of the hottest style trends for blinds on today's market:

Layering Effects

Layering is a really popular trend right now because the look offers a clean, modern, and simplistic feel to a room and/or entire home. Contrasting stylish blinds with matching curtains adds a sense of sophistication and chic dynamics that are sure to boost your home's decor. Also, because of the tandem of blinds and curtains, you will see lower energy bills from month to month because the combination naturally works to control temperatures in your home year round. To achieve this look, you'll need a curtain rod, curtains, and matching blinds.

Matching Tones

Another popular trend is matching the tone of your blinds and drapes to that of the room's walls. It creates a harmonious blend of colour  that like layering, adds an air of sophistication and style. You will be able to dictate the feel of any room with a matching tone style.

To achieve the dual tone look, you'll first want to decide on the purpose and feel of the room. If you want a space that encourages serenity and peace, you'll paint the room with a more neutral colour  and go either slightly darker or lighter with your choice of blinds; maybe a beige and white combination will do. If you're looking to add a splash of colour , you can still select a white blind but do a brighter, summer time blue. There are endless possibilities with matching tones.

Metal Blinds Are In

Modern sophistication has been popular the past few years and with the reintroduction of the metal blind, it does not appear to be going away any time soon. The metal blind look adds to a galactic uniformity that is very appealing to younger home owners. It's a sleek look that when paired with rich colour s, compliments stainless steel appliances and modern furniture very well.

Achieving this look is fairly easy as it's a simple blind look. You'll want to purchase custom blinds that match your decor. The advantage of a single blind look is that you'll need very little maintenance and upkeep to keep the room looking stunning with this selection.