Why Awnings May Be Perfect For Your Home

There are many advantages to installing awnings to your home that most people aren't aware of. Aside from adding a little decorative spice to your home and increasing your curb appeal, awnings can also protect your home from the elements and lower your energy bills.

Improve the Kerb Appeal

If you've watched a lot of DIY shows or obsessed about the real estate market, you are probably familiar with the importance of having a strong kerb appeal for your home. It can truly be the difference between your home being valued thousands of dollars more or thousands of dollars less. Adding awnings to the windows and also primary entries of your home can drastically increase your kerb appeal all without costing you a lot of money.

Whether you choose a retractable or stationary awning, your choice is bound to add colour to your home and spice up the landscape and plants.

Protection for Your Home

Awnings provide protection for your home in a quite a few ways. The most obvious is the protection of your windows and doors. When you add awnings to your doors and windows, you're protecting both the glass and frame from wear and tear brought on by the elements. Rain, snow and hail all can cause damage to your frames and windows, sometimes causing cracks, leaks or entire breaks. An awning will take the brunt of nature's wrath, keeping the water from directly hitting your doors and windows.

Also, awnings protect your belongings from being hit by direct sunlight. While sun will still come in through your windows, powerful UV rays will not enter your home. This will prevent your furniture, electronics and other valuables in the home from fading or becoming warped, saving you the trouble of potentially needing to replace these items sooner than anticipated.

Lower Energy Bills

Whether it's the warmer or cooler months of the year, you'll see substantial savings on your utility bills if you invest in awnings. This is because awnings help regulate the temperatures that go in and out of your home. For instance, in the hotter months, you can expect to save money with awnings because the heat will not easily radiate through the window, causing your home to be naturally cooler. While in the colder months, the awnings will help prevent cold air from reaching your window as well, allowing heat to remain trapped inside longer.

Consult with a professional designer from a business like Inspired Window Coverings to learn about specific awning types and materials.